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Paid time off (PTO) is an essential aspect of employment that ensures employees can take time away from work while still receiving compensation. In Turkey, PTO is regulated by labor laws and plays a crucial role in maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

In this article, we will explore the various types of paid time off in Turkey, including annual leave, public holidays, and maternity leave, while providing a detailed table summarizing the key aspects of each.

Types of Paid Time Off in Turkey


Annual Leave (Yıllık İzin)

  • Annual leave is the most common form of paid time off in Turkey.
  • Employees are entitled to annual leave based on their length of service.
  • The minimum annual leave entitlement is 14 days, and it increases with service duration, capped at 26 days.
  • Annual leave pay is calculated based on the employee’s average daily wage.
  • Employees with less than one year of service must wait for six months before taking annual leave.

Public Holidays (Resmi Tatil)

  • Turkey observes several public holidays throughout the year.
  • On public holidays, employees are entitled to a day off with full pay.
  • If employees are required to work on a public holiday, they are entitled to extra compensation or a compensatory day off.
  • Public holidays often include religious and national observances.

Maternity Leave (Doğum İzni)

  • Female employees are entitled to maternity leave before and after childbirth.
  • The duration of maternity leave is 16 weeks, with eight weeks before and eight weeks after childbirth.
  • Maternity leave is fully paid by the employer and the Social Security Institution (SGK).
  • Additional unpaid leave is available in case of medical necessity.

Sick Leave (Hastalık İzni)

  • Employees are entitled to paid sick leave for medical reasons.
  • The duration and conditions of sick leave are determined by medical reports and the Social Security Institution (SGK).
  • Employers are required to pay sick leave compensation for the first three days, after which SGK provides coverage.

Marriage Leave (Düğün İzni)

  • Employees are entitled to paid marriage leave.
  • The duration of marriage leave varies by collective bargaining agreements and individual employment contracts.
  • Employers typically grant 2-3 days of paid leave for employees’ weddings.

Table: Summary of PTO in Turkey

Type of LeaveEntitlementDurationPaymentConditions
Annual LeaveBased on length of service14-26 daysBased on daily wageAfter six months of employment
Public HolidaysSpecific dates1 day per holidayFull payMust be observed
Maternity LeaveFemale employees16 weeks (before & after)Fully paidMedical documentation may extend leave
Sick LeaveMedical reasonsDetermined by medical reportsFirst 3 days paidSGK covers after 3 days
Marriage LeaveMarriage events2-3 daysFull payPer collective agreements

Paid time off is an essential aspect of the employment landscape in Turkey, allowing employees to maintain a work-life balance and attend to personal and family matters. Employers must adhere to the legal requirements for each type of leave and ensure that employees receive their entitled paid time off.

Understanding the various types of paid time off and their respective entitlements is crucial for both employers and employees to ensure compliance with Turkish labor laws. By providing employees with the paid time off they deserve, employers can create a healthier and more productive work environment while fostering employee satisfaction and loyalty.



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