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In Turkey, social security contributions are a crucial aspect of the labor market, providing financial protection and social welfare benefits to workers. The social security system is designed to safeguard employees against various risks, such as illness, disability, unemployment, and retirement.

This article aims to provide a comprehensive overview of social security contributions in Turkey, including their purpose, calculation methodology, rates, and the benefits they offer to employees.

Purpose of Social Security Contributions

Social security contributions serve as a financial safety net, ensuring that employees have access to essential benefits and protection in times of need. The contributions are used to fund various social security programs, including healthcare, retirement, unemployment, and disability benefits. By making these contributions, employees gain access to a wide range of social welfare services and protections.

Calculation Methodology

The calculation of social security contributions in Turkey is based on the employee’s gross salary. Both employees and employers are responsible for making contributions to the social security system. The contributions are calculated as a percentage of the employee’s gross salary, subject to certain caps and thresholds.

Social Security Contribution Rates

As of the knowledge cutoff in September 2021, the total social security contribution rate in Turkey was 15.5% for both employers and employees. This means that employers contribute 7.5% of the employee’s gross salary, while the remaining 8% is deducted from the employee’s wages. However, it is important to note that these rates may have changed since then, and employers should consult the latest regulations to ensure accurate calculations.

Benefits of Social Security Contributions

Social security contributions in Turkey provide employees with access to various benefits and protections throughout their working lives. Some of the key benefits include:

  1. Healthcare Coverage: Social security contributions enable employees to access healthcare services provided by the Social Security Institution (SGK). This coverage includes medical treatment, hospitalization, and prescription drugs.
  2. Retirement Benefits: Contributions made towards retirement provide employees with a pension after they reach the eligible retirement age. The pension amount is determined based on factors such as the duration of contributions, average earnings, and retirement age.
  3. Unemployment Benefits: In the event of involuntary unemployment, individuals who have made social security contributions may be eligible for unemployment benefits. These benefits provide financial assistance during the period of unemployment, helping individuals meet their basic needs.
  4. Disability Benefits: Social security contributions also entitle employees to disability benefits in case of permanent disability. The benefits help individuals maintain their standard of living and cover necessary expenses.

Administrative Procedures

Employers in Turkey have certain administrative responsibilities regarding social security contributions. They are responsible for calculating and deducting the employee’s share of the contribution from their wages. Employers must also contribute their share of the contribution and remit the total amount to the Social Security Institution (SGK) within specified deadlines.

Additionally, employers are required to submit periodic reports to the SGK, providing information on the salaries, contributions, and employment details of their employees. These reports help ensure compliance with social security regulations and facilitate the accurate collection of contributions.


Social security contributions in Turkey are essential for providing employees with social protection, healthcare coverage, retirement benefits, unemployment support, and disability benefits. These contributions help establish a robust social security system that promotes the well-being of workers and their families. Employers play a vital role in calculating and remitting social security contributions accurately and on time. Staying updated with the latest regulations and fulfilling administrative responsibilities ensures compliance and contributes to a fair and secure work environment in Turkey.



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