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On August 9, 2023, the Social Security Institution (SSI Turkey) unveiled a new “Submission of Non-Worked Days Application SMS Verification” system, set to enhance security for users accessing the “Submission Entry System for Non-Worked Days” (SSI e-visit) page.

Under this recent development, the SSI Turkey is implementing an SMS verification process to improve security for reporting non-worked days related to employees’ sickness reports. After logging into the system, users will receive an SMS containing a unique code on their registered mobile phones. Access to the system will only be granted upon entering this code on the verification screen.

In an update provided by the SSI Turkey on August 17, 2023, it was clarified that the SMS verification application would exclusively apply to the web application. There will be no changes for those utilizing the web service, and users are advised to verify their access accordingly.

For web application users, the SMS verification system will become operational on September 4, 2023. Before this date, users of the SSI e-Declaration system are required to ensure their mobile phone numbers are up to date via the “SSI Turkey Mobile Phone Information Declaration” page on the e-government platform. This step is crucial to ensure seamless access to the application.

It’s essential to note that, as per Social Security and General Health Insurance Law No. 5510, failing to report non-worked days within the specified timeframe, or failing to approve sickness report notifications in compliance with the law, may lead to an administrative fine equivalent to one-tenth of the minimum wage per employee. In cases where no notifications are made at all, the fine could amount to half of the minimum wage per employee.

To avert potential issues for both employees and employers and to avoid administrative fines, users of the SSI Turkey e-Declaration system are strongly encouraged to update their mobile phone numbers by September 4, 2023.



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