Turkey threatens to quit Eurobasket and accuses Georgia of attacking one of its players.

Beaten by Georgia (83-88, a.2.p) Sunday night in Tbilisi, Turkey accused several Georgian players and security personnel of assaulting Furkan Korkmaz after his expulsion in the last quarter. The Turks are threatening to quit Eurobasket if they can’t get the CCTV footage.

Assigned to Tbilisi, capital of Georgia, group A of Eurobasket could end with five teams out of six. After their defeat against the host country (88-91, a.2.p), Turkey threatened to leave the competition if they cannot obtain the CCTV images of the hall hosting the meetings. The Turks accuse Georgian players and members of the “police” of attacking Furkan Korkmaz on the way to the locker room. The rear had just been expelled for an early fight with Duda Sanadze (35th).

“When Furkan left the field, Georgians who were not in the squad (twelve players for the Euro) attacked him with the other expelled player (Sanadze) and the police, assures the vice-president of the Turkish Federation Omer Onan in a press release. I appeal to FIBA. She must provide us with all the video images of this corridor, minute by minute, with nothing missing. If these images do not reach us, we will leave the Eurobasket. »

A refereeing error during the Korkmaz-Sanadze altercation

“We came to play basketball,” added assistant coach Hakan Demir at a press conference. What happened in the hallway to the locker room is not normal, we expected more hospitality. There may be altercations on the field but not off it. The Turkish anger was increased tenfold by a refereeing error: time was restarted during the altercation between Korkmaz and Sanadze and 22 seconds passed. These were then not put back on the clock and Turkey lodged a protest.



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