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The Umbrella Company Turkey does not just hire the employee. It can also handle all the recruitment process in Turkey.

Turkey has been experiencing strong economic dynamism for two decades. In case of investment in this country, it would be better for you to recruit in Turkey directly through a recruitment agency.

Recruiting in Turkey by using an Umbrella Company : a good idea?

Is your business opening up more and more in the Middle East, and looking for an on-site sales person to promote you in Turkey?

You do not have an HR department or a legal structure in this country?

And why not recruit in Turkey by directly benefiting from the services of a recruitment and payroll firm?

In the Middle East, Turkey is first in the ranking of economic powers just before Iran and Saudi Arabia.

15th at the world level and 7th at the European level, she is a member of the G20 in addition to the customs union.

Investments are rising in this country, particularly in the industrial and agricultural sectors, where they occupy a major share of GDP.

Going through an umbrella company to recruit in Turkey is advantageous for several reasons:

A team of expert consultants Turkey, based in this country supports the entire recruitment process.

Your offer is posted on major Turkish employment websites.

An important database of hundreds or even thousands of Turkish candidates corresponding to the desired profile is made aware of your job offer.

The consulting team takes care of the first interviews.

Final interviews with candidates take place directly in Turkey in the presence of consultants from the recruitment firm.

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