Collective labor agreements in Payroll Turkey

They are negotiated and agreed by representatives and employers.

An employee who is not a member of an union is, however, authorized to apply a collective agreement for company.

Terms to be negotiated and settled

Wages, fringe benefits such as bonuses and premiums

Matters related to termination of the employment contract, and notice periods

Payment of severance pay following the termination of a contract

Working conditions/Payroll Turkey

Length of paid annual vacation and other forms of leave

Nothing in a contract of employment can be in conflict with the provisions of collective agreement unless stated otherwise in the collective agreement.

Compulsory arbitration in labor disputes/Payroll Turkey

Starting from 1st January 2018 employees and employers shall resort to an arbitrator in the first instance instead of litigation processes for labor disputes and conflicts.

Workers claims arising from employment contract and collective bargaining agreements en re-employment claims shall be referred to arbitration before initiating a lawsuit. The claims should be in relation to a labor relationship.

For severance, notice payment and such like compensations, overtime, annual leave payment, both the employee and the employer will go to an arbitrator

Compensation claims arising from the employee and employer insulting each other, or from harm caused to the products and materials by the employee shall be referred to the arbitration before filing a lawsuit

There is no need to resort to arbitration for occupational accidents and professional diseases.

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