As a foreign company, you probably don’t know the rules in Turkey, and so it is difficult to set up a company here. MPS Ltd PEO Turkey company knows about the different tax implications and other regulations of setting up a company.

Advantages and disadvantages of using PEO Company services in Turkey

For foreign companies, there are a multitude of opportunities in Turkey, but there are many necessary procedures in order to establish a presence here. Marketing a new business is never easy, but there are also other difficulties one might encounter such as looking for a location, hiring employees and managing payroll. What’s more, foreign companies may not have any idea of the legal issues they will face in Turkey.

The solution for foreign companies in Turkey is PEO

Turkey professional employer organisation (PEO) supports you with these tasks. It is certainly the best solution if you are looking to enter the Turkish market, being concentrated only on the development and marketing of your business.

Our company MPS Ltd, being a Payroll Company based in Istanbul, supports you with:

Payroll and tax regulations

– HR (hiring and management)

– Work permit and resident permit application

Why do you need a Turkish PEO ?

MPS Ltd can find you the best employees for your business, and provide a local expert team who will manage all your day to day PEO tasks.

A PEO company located in Turkey can support you during this difficult start-up period. Your employees need to feel secure if you want them to be efficient. This is the goal of our Payroll company in Turkey.

For inexperienced individuals, it is not easy to get a legal status to work (work/residency permit in Turkey), but MPS Ltd can support you in obtaining these.

Doing business inside and outside of Turkey is different. Our company, MPS Ltd Turkey is a professional employment organisation that is specialised in providing support for different tasks when you set up a company. We cover:

  • Payroll Regulation
  • Explanation of payroll tax laws
  • What you need to know regarding Turkish bureaucracy
  • Employment

How MPS Ltd supports customers

Mansoor Hajjar

Lebanese Marketing Company

With MPS Ltd PEO services, we have increased our efficiency in the Turkish market. Our PEO in Turkey offered us a wide range of services. As such, we have been able to focus on our main objectives rather than time-consuming tasks.


Steve Bradley

IT Company

We had several HR issues in Turkey, with the expertise of MPS Ltd, we recruited our employees easily. Our efficiency has been improved thanks to our local PEO provider.

Patrick Svenson

Medical sector

It was a smart decision for our company to work with MPS Ltd PEO Turkey. We enjoyed their variety of services.

Please contact our team if you are looking for PEO in Turkey services.



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