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Turkey has emerged as an attractive destination for international entrepreneurs seeking to establish their businesses and work independently in a dynamic and growing economy. To facilitate this, the Turkish government offers a Work Visa for Independent Work, allowing foreign individuals the opportunity to pursue self-employment, freelancing, and entrepreneurial ventures within Turkey.

This article aims to provide a comprehensive guide to understanding and obtaining a Work Visa for Independent Work in Turkey.

The Work Visa for Independent Work

The Work Visa for Independent Work in Turkey is a special visa category designed to encourage foreign entrepreneurs and independent professionals to contribute to Turkey’s economic growth. Unlike traditional work visas tied to specific employers, this visa allows individuals to work for themselves or establish and manage their own businesses.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the Work Visa for Independent Work in Turkey, applicants must fulfill certain criteria, which may include:

a. Proof of Entrepreneurial Intent

Applicants must demonstrate a clear business plan or proposal for their independent work in Turkey, highlighting the potential economic benefits and value it brings to the country.

b. Financial Capacity

Proof of sufficient funds to support themselves during their stay in Turkey is required. This can be demonstrated through bank statements, income declarations, or other financial documents.

c. Relevant Qualifications

Depending on the nature of the independent work in Turkey, applicants might need to provide evidence of their qualifications or expertise in the respective field.

d. Health Insurance

Valid health insurance coverage is mandatory for the duration of the stay in Turkey.

e. Clear Criminal Record

Applicants should provide a clean criminal record certificate from their home country or any other country they have lived in for the past five years.

The Application Process

The application process for the Work Visa for Independent Work in Turkey involves several steps:

a. Business Plan Preparation

Aspiring entrepreneurs should develop a comprehensive business plan that outlines their proposed business activities, market analysis, financial projections, and how their venture will contribute to Turkey’s economy.

b. Turkish Consulate Application

Once the business plan is ready, applicants should submit their visa application to the nearest Turkish consulate in their home country. The application should include all required documents and forms, along with the visa fee.

c. Review and Approval

The Turkish authorities will carefully review the application and assess its feasibility and potential benefits to the country. If satisfied, they will issue the Work Visa for Independent Work in Turkey.

d. Residence Permit Application

After arriving in Turkey with the work visa, applicants must apply for a residence permit within the specified timeframe, which allows them to stay and work in the country legally.

Duration and Renewal

The initial Work Visa for Independent Work in Turkey is usually issued for a specific duration, typically ranging from one to three years. Before the visa expires, individuals can apply for a renewal, subject to meeting certain requirements, such as maintaining a viable business and complying with tax regulations.

Business Environment in Turkey

Turkey’s strategic location, vibrant market, and strong infrastructure make it an attractive destination for entrepreneurs. The country’s diverse economy presents opportunities in various sectors, including technology, tourism, agriculture, and manufacturing. Moreover, Turkey’s young and skilled workforce, coupled with a growing middle class, provides a fertile ground for business growth.

Taxation and Legal Obligations

As an independent worker in Turkey, it is essential to understand the country’s tax regulations and fulfill all legal obligations. This includes obtaining a tax identification number, registering the business with the relevant authorities, and complying with tax filing requirements.

Advantages of the Work Visa for Independent Work

The Work Visa for Independent Work in Turkey offers numerous benefits to foreign entrepreneurs:

a. Flexibility

Being self-employed grants individuals the freedom to set their own schedules and work on projects that align with their expertise and passions.

b. Economic Opportunities

Turkey’s robust economy and diverse markets present ample opportunities for entrepreneurs to thrive and expand their businesses.

c. Networking and Collaboration

Entrepreneurs can connect with local professionals and businesses, fostering partnerships and collaborations that can lead to mutual growth.

d. Access to Global Markets

With Turkey serving as a bridge between Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, entrepreneurs can access a vast network of potential clients and customers.


The Work Visa for Independent Work in Turkey opens doors of opportunity for international entrepreneurs and professionals seeking to establish their businesses in a dynamic and promising market. By following the application process, meeting the eligibility criteria, and understanding the local business environment, aspiring entrepreneurs can embark on a successful journey of self-employment and contribute to Turkey’s economic growth. As the country continues to embrace innovation and entrepreneurship, the Work Visa for Independent Work remains an excellent avenue for those seeking to build a prosperous future in Turkey.



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