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Salary calculation can be a complex and often confusing process, with various deductions and taxes taken […]
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Turkey’s strategic location at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, coupled with its rapidly evolving business […]
Wealth and Net Worth Taxes in Turkey
Wealth and net worth taxes have been a topic of discussion and debate in many countries […]
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Dates Tax or Declaration Type in Turkey for September 2023 9.01.23 9.11.23 Reporting and Settlement of […]
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The Turkish fiscal calendar for 2023 is a roadmap for financial activities in the country, providing […]
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Turkey imposes taxes on its residents based on their global income, while non-residents are subject to […]
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Public holidays in Turkey can vary slightly from year to year, as some holidays are based […]
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Payslips in Turkey, also known as salary slips or payroll statements, play a crucial role in […]
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Turkey, with its unique blend of Eastern and Western influences, is not just a cultural crossroads […]
In an announcement that sent ripples across the nation, the Social Security Institution (SSI) dropped a […]